A New Perspective: India vs US

Rhea Jadhav , Staff Writer

India and the US are two places from different hemispheres, with India in the Eastern Hemisphere and the U.S in the Western Hemisphere. These places are completely different in their cultures, languages, fashions, and even in their education systems.

As a native Indian, I love spicy food, and I can eat up to 10 chillies at once! There are many Indian sweets that are famous, such as my favorite “Gulab Jamun.” Its color is brown, like chocolate, although it’s far from chocolate–it’s actually dipped in sugar syrup.

One Indian language is called “Hindi,” and it’s notably different from English. In India, we follow the British English system, with some spellings that are different from American English, like writing “colour” instead of “color.” Surprising, right?

One of the biggest differences between these two places is the culture. In India, you will find numerous types of gods, each with stories worth hearing. India’s very own Hollywood, called Bollywood, is worth watching! These Bollywood movies have sensational songs where every beat makes you either cry or dance.

Another big difference between India and the U.S is the education system. In India, there’s a strong emphasis placed on STEM and computers. You start learning how to make websites, learn all the elements in chemistry, and learn all the ocean currents in geography during the 7th or 8th grade.

I have recently moved to the U.S, and I appreciate the kindness and support that my friends and others in India have given me. I will never forget them, as India is my backbone. Here in the U.S, my new friends and the Newspaper staff have also helped me feel welcome. Although there are differences between the two places, the only similarity is that both the places have such supportive people.