ASB Interview with Jezelle Anne De Leon and Christian Gonzalez

Simon Villaroman, Staff Writer

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The Associated Student Body (ASB) is essentially the student government of HMSA. The chosen students represent their class and are responsible for student activities, events, and much more. I was able to ask Jezelle Anne De Leon and Christian Gonzalez, current ASB officers, a few questions about their past and present experiences in ASB.

Jezelle, now a senior at HMSA, proudly serves as the Vice President for the Class of 2019. However, this isn’t her first year in ASB; she has been a recurring member for three years now. During her sophomore year, she was the secretary for her class, and as a junior she was elected as Vice President.

I asked her why she wanted to be in ASB and she said, “I wanted to be more involved with my school community and help out as much as I can.”

Her favorite part of being in ASB is “having the ability to make a positive change in our school while being able to bond with others with the same passion.”

I was wondering if she had any future plans for ASB and her “main future plan is to reduce senior week funds as much as possible by coordinating and creating fundraisers for [her] class”.

Christian Gonzalez, also a senior, is the Executive Treasurer for ASB. Like Jezelle, this isn’t his first year in ASB; he has been part of ASB since his freshman year. In his freshman and sophomore year, he was elected as Treasurer for his class until joining the Executive board as a junior.

Christian joined ASB because he “wanted to be a part of a club that contributed to the schools activities, and advocated for the student voice”.

His favorite part about ASB is that it’s “a bit different compared to other clubs. It’s a lot more work, but it’s so rewarding to have an event go well, and to see people actually having fun because of [their] hard work”.

Jezelle and Christian are both hard-working students who are able to maintain their position, and hopefully their grades too. Seeing how much effort they put into making HMSA a better place for the students may inspire fellow peers to do the same, even if they aren’t in ASB.

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