The Wonders of Greece

Saja Kamal, Writer

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As I glanced up, I found myself utterly entranced by its divine hue. Even so, I remember the blazing sun hitting my exposed skin yet dismissing the alarming sensation due its wondrous nature – this is the country of Greece.

Greece transcends every desire – the island of Mykonos provides the party atmosphere many crave, while Athens serves as the historical Mecca of Greece. Famous for its unfathomable islands and overwhelmingly pleasant nature, Greece permits tourists to experience countless phenomenons.

Unprecedented amounts of architecture solicites pleasure for those mathematically equipped, and its mythology entices those intrigued by literature. Likewise, history fanatics may encounter a whirlwind of emotions at the sight of structures from centuries ago. Authentic Mediterranean cuisine enhances one’s exquisite vacation. Even fashion is a heavy spectacle within Rhodes’s countless bazaars.

Whether its Greece’s staggering volcanic expeditions, to the antiquity of the Acropolis –  the country has much to offer. Oía and Santorini, islands engulfed in rich blues and whites, can only be reached at extensive heights, located upon mountains. Such extreme heights resemble heaven on Earth due to their serene atmosphere.

Tourism within Athens has escalated tremendously, with a staggering 5.5 million visitors in 2018. And so, if you wish to be among that happy statistic, visit Greece’s enchanting cities and islands in the near future.