Camping Trip Experience

Isaac Canales, Writer

This summer, I went on a camping trip with my church to Sanger, California with my family and friends. Most people think that camping is a boring adventure, however, my camping experience proves otherwise.

I’ll tell you the truth, there was no service over there. You are probably wondering how I survived without my phone, but I’ll be honest, I forgot I even had a phone! Usually people think about the negative parts about trips, such as not being active on social media, rather than thinking of the positive parts, such as spending and bonding more with your family and friends.

I got to spend my days in the river and the lake swimming. The river was really cold, but I still got in with my dad. The lake was warm which was really relaxing.

There was tons of food such as chips, burgers, hot dogs. We played truth or dare which was really fun knowing my friends’ dark secrets. I remember I was eating cup of noodles while my friends were having a roast battle. There was a roast so bad that I laughed really hard and spit my cup of noodles out, it was hilarious!

Every night my friends, family, and I would make a fire and eat delicious s’mores. Almost every night we would go to sleep around 3 a.m. We also got to play soccer with my friends and family.

Going on a camping trip should be on everyone’s bucket list. I know camping does not compare to a trip such as Hawaii or Spain, but I got to experience the beauty of nature with my family and friends, rather than being on technology all day long,  while doing all the activities I enjoy doing.