What to do this Summer!

Amelia Navarro, Staff Writer

Summer of 2018 is closer than it appears to be. Soon we will be able to wake up without worrying about being late to school and finally be able to watch multiple movies in bed. However, besides these relaxing activities, we live in Los Angeles! There are countless adventures to set on this coming summer on your own, with friends, with family, and even with your dogs! The following are a few that I am interested in doing this coming summer:


1. Exercise

I know that the word “exercise” may bring about a sigh from many, including myself, but there are so many ways to “exercise” without the need to sigh. One option is hiking! Palos Verdes trail will not only provide you with a morning workout but with beautiful coastal views as well. These views also serve as natural backgrounds for photos. I mean, did you really go hiking, if you did not take a few photos? No, I do not think so. In addition to hiking, biking up the coast is a fun way to both visit multiple beaches but also get in a good workout. A few beaches that you can hit are Santa Monica, Venice, and more.


2. Restaurants

After a tiring workout, the hunger should have kicked in. Personally, I am a big fan of breakfast, and I mean, who isn’t? A breakfast joint that is both nearby and highly rated is The Original Pancake House on Pacific Coast Highway. This homey location offers a range of options for breakfast, starting with a meal as  simple as cereal to as hardy as omelets. Due to this menu being all types of delicious, do not forget to bring along your friends and family. Now, if you are a lunch person, do not worry, I have a recommendation for you as well. Humble Potato is a Japanese-inspired burger and sandwich joint in Los Angeles near Loyola Marymount University. With its unique menu, I say you cannot go wrong when going to this restaurant to enjoy lunch.


3. Amusement Parks

California is a hub of amusement parks. We have Disneyland, Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm, and more. The most one would commute is an 1-2 hours. However, costs vary depending on the amusement park. Besides that, each of these well known locations will keep you entertained and having a good time. Roller Coasters and sweets are only a few of the factors that play into you having an unforgettable time. In addition to that, be aware that many of these parks do not allow outside food or liquids. Make sure to leave those at home before they throw them away at the gate. One more thing, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! I repeat do not forget to wear and bring sunscreen when visiting these parks. The California sun will not treat you so well without sun protection.


Now these are only three ideas that I am providing you with for this summer. There are countless other activities for you to go about doing. It is so much more fun with friends and family, but if you want some alone time, go ahead and do them on your own! Take advantage of this summer and the beauty of it!