All Out, All Game, All Season


The girls’ soccer team showed great improvement from last season. Photo provided by David Kircher.

Despite missing the CIF playoffs, this past season was another great year for our Girls’ Soccer team. The Aviators were able to improve on last season’s record.

The team worked hard all season and competed with full effort day in and day out. Mr. Kircher, the girls’ soccer coach, provided some insight: “The girls came to practice and worked very hard this season. Each week there was great improvement in their skills.”

The Aviators were confident that their excellent preparation and leadership will help them move past their disappointing season last year. When asked about notable improvements, Senior Samantha G. commented, “The team definitely showed improvement as the season went along.” The entire team gained confidence after each game learning and improving every step of the way. Putting their heads down in disappointment was never an option. Mr. Kircher emphasized the team’s optimistic attitude several times and explained that this year’s team was “very positive…always cheering for each other.”

Most importantly, the girls cherished their time together. They enjoyed playing alongside one another and looked to each other for encouragement and advice. Coach Kircher mentioned that “spending time with the team and having fun was more important than the wins and losses.” Samantha G. added, “It was a good way to exercise, blow off steam, and overall just have fun.”

The seniors on the team will definitely be missed. Coach Kircher highlighted their effort and commented, “We will miss our three seniors and their leadership.”  This year was the largest team Mr. Kircher ever coached, and therefore, the seniors’ guidance and experience was vital.

This season was very enjoyable for both the players and Mr. Kircher, and the team is striving to improve further. After the season, Coach Kircher eagerly revealed his focus for next season: “We will continue to work on our ball skills and passing.” Although this was the last season for the seniors on the team, the freshman showed amazing potential. Mr. Kircher was excited for the freshman on the team and asserted, “We have several freshmen that stepped up and a few that started for us. They should become impact players in the future.”

Congrats to our Girls’ team for a great season, and farewell to all seniors who provided amazing leadership and effort this season!