Crosstown Rivals


The girls huddle up during halftime to receive instructions from Coach Kircher. Photo taken by Miguel Sanchez.

Miguel Sanchez, Staff Writer

The girls’ soccer team went up against CAMS today. Despite their efforts, the girls failed to get a win. Throughout the first half of the game, Esli G., HMSA’s starting goalie, made some astounding saves. However, CAMS used their home field advantage to score. This led Coach Kircher to substitute her in the second half for Maizeth M., who stepped up and proved herself to be worthy of the position.

Aside from the changes at the goalkeeper position, there were also changes on the defensive line. Coach Kircher had the lineup switched repeatedly in order to give players enough time to rest. Throughout the game, the defense fought hard to keep up with their rivals, but allowed 9 goals by the end of the game. However, the defense played well in order to prevent a bigger goal differential.

The second half belonged to HMSA’s forwards, even though they did not score. They managed to get 2 shots off, which had CAMS and HMSA fans off their seats. The first half of play involved both forwards running furiously to catch the soccer ball, which was flying around all over the field. Giselle B. suffered a minor injury during the first half, but managed to return to play in the second half of the game.

The offensive pressure CAMS put on HMSA gave midfielders a lot of work to handle. Although they focused on helping the back line defend, they also managed to move up the pitch and play a little offense. The midfielders had a role in the team’s 4 scoring opportunities throughout the game. Andrea O. suffered a kick to her left heel in the first half and did not return to action. Fortunately, she told me she’ll be ready to go for the team’s next match after winter break. 

Overall, CAMS was a formidable rival who was ready to play the match while using their knowledge of the terrain and support of their fanbase. Even Mr. Kircher admired one of the goals that they scored, affirming that “it was a good shot… nothing could be done about it.” CAMS definitely gave the HMSA girls a game to remember as we all hope for more wins in the season. Go Aviators!