Covid-19: What Will Happen in the Future?

Emmanuel Borla, Editor

As we all may know what Covid-19 is and the necessary precautions to make, we are several months into this lockdown with only a month and a few days to end 2020. With hundreds of thousands of new cases in America arising every single day, we can only question how long will this lockdown or this pandemic last, or will the government take action soon. Here are some news and updates on Covid-19:

Statistics and Data (Worldwide)

There are over 52.3 million cases worldwide with over 1.29 million deaths. There are also a record 34 million recoveries in total. In just so little months, we have accumulated numbers in the ten million and probably will not be diminishing any time soon.

Statistics and Data (United States)

There are over 10.5 million cases in America alone, and with over 242,000 deaths. It has also reached record numbers where cases reach the hundred-thousands of cases per day. There are also hundreds of thousands of deaths per day. These are very alarming numbers indeed as the US is the most infected country in the world.

Joe Biden/Kamala Harris and their Plan

As we already know from recent news, Joe Biden has won the Presidential Election and is now the president-elect or 46th president of the United States. And Kamala Harris is also the Vice-President Elect of the United States. In less than two days after their victory, they announced and explained a plan to combat the virus. Their plan, for now, is to form a Covid-19 advisory with researchers and public health advisors which will help them create an elaborate Covid/Pandemic plan when they transition into the office. They said there will be 12-13 members. More things in this plan include Worldwide Data Collecting, Public Communication, Addressing Inequalities (Testing), Sufficient testing supplies, and so forth. With already such a plan and team being devised so early, many doctors and researchers across the country are very hopeful and are looking forward to this plan/committee. 

Another part of his plan is to devise and build a national contact tracing workforce by hiring or starting out by hiring 100,000 Americans/Doctors with the necessary tools and equipment to “spot and stop” outbreaks. More about his plan will be updated soon.

Vaccine Leak? When will it be released?

As days pass by, more and more news of worldwide research and possible vaccines have been revealed to the public news.  Earlier this week, we received news that Pfizer has created a Covid-19 vaccine that is over 90% effective. We only know that much and can’t really rely on that vaccine. Limited information has been released and more will be updated.

The Future. What will happen?

As more cases, recoveries and deaths grow by the day, we can only hope for plans, treatments, and ultimately a legitimate and working vaccine to come through. As for us in the United States, we also can only hope for those things and even more on the Joe/Kamala Covid-19 plan to take action and help us diminish the case numbers. This is the update on Covid for the Final quarter of 2020. Remember to stay sanitized and to WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES outside.