There is Violence Among Us


Eghosa Isibor, Editor-In-Chief

This comic represents what violence in video games has done to kids. Among Us is the most popular game at the moment but it had dark undertones. Not only do you play as murderers killing everyone around you, but you have to perfect the deceitful skill of lying to win. 

The mini orange crewmate represents kids and teens and the orange crewmate, their parents. The yellow crewmate is the children’s innocence while the blue crewmate is society, maturity, or even violence. The orange and yellow crewmates work hard to protect the child, keeping the harsh world of reality (blue crewmate) away from them. However, as time goes on, parents get carried away with work, school, bills, and all leaving their children defenseless with nothing but their innocence to protect them. Society takes advantage of that, slaughtering their innocence in order to expose the children to the violence of the world among them. 

Children are forced to grow up fast, learning the ways of lying and cheating at an early age because of the innocence society has stolen from them. 

Many people may see this game as something cute and fun to play with friends, but in reality, we are teaching our children to become deceitful and to master that skill.