Is Wingstop IT?

Yarith Bolanos, Staff Writer

Wingstop, one of the most popular restaurants in the food industry, has been considered a must go place for most people. Why?

Unlike other restaurants, Wingstop doesn’t just leave wings as a choice on the menu for appetizers. Wingstop, as you can see in the name, is all about the wings. But it doesn’t just stop there. Their choices include ten wing flavors from Hawaiian to Atomic, along with fries, drinks, and sides.

Yes, Wingstop has their own sides. I personally tried the Louisiana Voodoo fries, and they were great. Here’s a fun fact: Wingstop serves corn, and not just regular corn–Cajun fried corn.

If you’re not convinced, listen to what our HMSA Aviators have to say. I made a survey where several HMSA students said they approved of Wingstop, inputting that their flavors are what makes the restaurant stand out from amongst others. Many said it was “just another restaurant,” but if they were at Wingstop they would gladly eat there, since “the taste is worth the value”.

The good news is there’s one really close to our school, located at 11540 Hawthorne Boulevard. So what are you waiting for? Who knows what crazy yet interesting flavors Wingstop might try out next?